Thursday, January 29, 2009

Super TuxKart

Do you want to play a game?!!!

This is good, simple game for the kids to play, i have spend some time playing, no violence envolve this is good for the younger kids, my nephew loves this game, so young and look like a pro.

Super TuxKart is a multi-platform, this is a simple game to play, it reminds me the old Super Mario recently recovered to Wii console.
Your opponents will give you fight, for sure you'll spend some good moments of pleasure playing it, adn it's a free game.

For Win SuperTuxKart (53Mg)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Editing Divx/Xvid Subtitles

Do you need to do you or edit divx/xvid subtitle.
You can know stop searching, the Subtitles Workshop is one of the most complete, efficient and convenient freeware subtitle editing tool. It supports allmost all the subtitle formats you need.
It's very easy to edit/creat and convert with this great software.
You can watch the video will your're editing, setting delay or fixe frame rate will be peace of cake...
I use to syncronize some frames, sometimes is very dificult to find that legend that is a 100% correct, this is very easy to resolve just syncronize the begining and end of the movie with the first and last legend, the software does the rest, of course the legend must be with the same frames as the movie.

Subtitle workshop 4.0 Beta

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Free emotions, Winks, smilys

Well i know that are a lot of sites containig winks, i'm sharing the another site i found if you are you tired of your winks, emotions in your messenger, this is another general site that you can use to get more and more stuff...
Know you can send e-mails, talk with friends using other icons for free... you just need to access to 33smiley download the emotion 3D you need, a lot free and funny emotions to send to your friends.
Or you can also go to msnfans and get you blog detector, the windows live messenger 9 beta and much more.
You have a lot to choose, Avatar, back ground images, and online games... play online or just download to your mobile phone.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Here's a small application which reminds me of Photoshop for a few years ago, this tool allow the user to edit and create images with high-quality. Artweaver is to design a program that could trim the creativity and enjoyment for those who like to draw.

You can count on several tools to help you create and manipulate features, retouching and color perfect. 19 brushes of design, with fine tuning, specific and with a wide range of effects over some of the most popular tools of manipulation of images, give this tool a focus on many other products to this segment of applications.

The details of quality and finishing with accuracy, attach a professionalism hard to find in free tools, many of the features on this program only found in professional products.

Apply masks, effects of color balance and tone. Erase or clone, select in layers and many other actions.